Padded baby play mat tutorial ... the quickest and easiest DIY baby gift imaginable.

22 November 2016

My family seems to be in baby making zone at the moment. Well, not making, more like producing, having, birthing. Cute little things have joined, or are on the cusp of joining, family life. So, I am sharing with you my quickest, easiest, most on-trend baby gift imaginable: the padded round baby play mat. They're everywhere on all the "in" sites and they are sooo easy and sooo quick to make you'll never have to think about what baby gift to make ever again.

A bit of cutting and three rows of sewing (two if you have a four thread overlocker) and you'll be done. THAT easy!

So, what do you need?

A feature fabric, quilted backing fabric and fancy trim. That's all.

(You could use wadding and a backing fabric, but, hey, buying pre-quilted backing fabric makes it sooo much easier.)

I used the width of the quilted backing fabric to determine the diameter of my play mat: 112cm (44").

So, I needed 112cm (44") of both my quilted backing fabric and my feature fabric.

As for the trim, I used an on-line circumference calculator (because I was feeling lazy) to tell me I needed 3.518588... metres of trim.

With my supplies in hand and less than an hour of time, I was ready.

So, let's do it.

Fold the feature fabric in half 

and then in half again.

Measure 56cm (22") from the corner where all the folds meet and mark at several points to form the edge of the circle.

Then cut around the marked points of the circle through all four layers of fabric.

Use this circle as the template to cut the quilted backing fabric.

(If you're more on the ball than I was, you'll place your fabrics wrong sides together to do this so that you don't have to pull them apart and reposition them to start pinning.)

With wrong sides together, pin the edges of the feature fabric and the quilted backing fabric together.

Stitch a small seam around the edge and overlock or, if you have a four thread overlocker, simply overlock the edge.

Place the trim on the edge so that it conceals the seam line and stitch to the edge of mat.

And that's it. The on-trend, padded baby play mat is done. EASY AS!

If you're like me and have another new baby in the family, you'll quickly whip up another mat.

And while you're at it and in the mood, what about some nappy covers using this tutorial and pattern from Dana and some appliqu├ęd singlets to match for the about-to-be-born family member.

And then, because they're great fun to make, some for the six month old member of the family.

Does someone in your family need a quick, easy, on-trend padded baby play mat for Christmas?

Some people use these mats at the beach.
What about a beach mat for a family member?

And those nappy covers, aren't they the cutest thing you've seen??
Quick and easy too. 

Catch up again soon,

Oh, where is Ralphie??
Under the sewing table amongst all the cords and threads
helping, of course.

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