3 DIY Dress Hacks for a New Summer Wardrobe.

15 November 2016

As you know life is more than a little busy for me at the moment with the move home, so, when Sheena Henderson offered a post to appear on my blog I happily obliged. I don't pretend to be a fashion blogger, but I do love fashion and, right now, I need some ideas for a Christmas Day dress and thought you might too. I hope you enjoy this guest post.

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The beauty of fashion is that no rule is ever set in stone, giving us the freedom to wear our OTK boots in the heat and embroidered boho frocks in cooler temperatures, as long as the outfits are styled according to the season. However, no one can argue that maxis, minis, and everything in between are best worn during the summer, no-fuss ensembles that keep us feeling breezy during those hot sunny days. Similarly to what the editors of Elle have said, “We’d rather be naked than think of putting together an outfit involving pants."

Dresses are made to suit all occasions, from weekend jersey maxis to luxe embellishments for that evening wow factor, with many of these styles showcased in this collection of contemporary dresses curated by LystBut with the number of styles at your disposal, it’s not exactly realistic to buy every frock that catches your eye. Sometimes the most beautiful creations are the garments that have been refashioned, transforming your old items into something new.

If you have any clothing that you’re getting rid of, take a second look and see if you can try the following DIY dress hacks below:

1) From plain to printed
A basic white dress is the perfect canvas to release your creativity on, but no worries if you’re not the artsy type. The tutorial on A Beautiful Mess is easy to follow and works with every skill level, making use of foam stamps that result in a cute printed dress.

2) A tee turned tube
Getting rid of an old, oversized t-shirt? Don’t let go of it just yet. Can Can Dancer offers step-by-step instructions on fashioning old tees into strapless numbers, although some sewing skills are required. Patterns and graphics on the t-shirts will add interest to your new tube dresses.

3) A no-sew slip
The slip dress has been the silhouette for the it-girl for some time now, but rather than spending cash on new silky garment, you can attempt to make an alternative using a maxi skirt. Though it may not be the camisole style that’s often seen on off-duty models, Kier Couture proves this as a great addition to your festival wardrobe.

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Even though I'm not a horse-y person,
I really like the DIY horse print dress,
maybe with another print
palm trees???

Did you find a dress you love?

Are you already sorted with your outfit for Christmas day?

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