Playing around with rope

8 August 2014

… but not skipping.

Of late, in my travels, I've noticed little rope vessels popping up in the most amazing stores. And, as is my habit, I kept thinking they would be fun to make. 

But, being preoccupied with visitors and Washi tape, and coffee bags and coffee bags again and other exciting stuff, the little rope vessels fell by the way side. Until, while playing around on Instagram, they jumped up before me and caught my attention for a second time. From a little Instagram picture …

Gemma Patford's beautiful rope bowl.

I jumped to a blog (a pair & a spare) and then to another blog (Gemma Patford) with a tutorial on how to make said little rope vessels. 

You know how that happens. And then three hours later … well, maybe four ...  you can't remember which site you were originally on.

Anyway, I was happy, in a little rope vessel kind of way. I could make these. Gemma's tutorial was excellent. I could definitely make these.

And I knew just what I could make them for. 

My older-and-wiser sister helps out with the Red Cross stand at her local show. I like to help out the Red Cross, so, when I was living in North Queensland, I would make a car load of goodies … aprons, soy candles … and drive them to Far North Queensland in time for the local show. However, now that I'm living in the southern harbour city, I have to fly to see my sister and Miss Betty and deliver goodies for the Red Cross stand. 

And these little rope vessels would be p.e.r.f.e.c.t. 

Light, easy to carry in my suitcase, unbreakable, popular (I hope). If I add them to a bundle of my hand made aprons 

that should surely help out the Red Cross stand.

Hence, the rope vessel making marathon commenced. 

I decided to start small. Always a good idea for me when I'm trying something new. Not that I always follow this sage advice.

Trivets, I thought, I could make little rope trivets using Gemma's bowl technique.

And I did. I stitched.

And painted rope.

And trivets emerged. And some I painted all fancy like. And some I stitched with pretty colours.

And my helper became bored.

And then I tried a bowl.

And it worked!

And so I stitched some more.

And another bowl was born.

And my helper moved into the sewing room and was BORED.

But I was not deterred. I made more trivets … with crosses in the middle.

And painted edges.

And, finally, one last bowl.

So, I was done. 

Ready to pack my bag for Far North Queensland with its cache of goodies for the Red Cross stand in July.

Thanks a pair & a spare and Gemma Patford for a fabulous tutorial and the inspiration.

So, what do you think?



Love one in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom?

I'm thinking a slightly larger one could make a very nice sleeping spot for my little helper

and help contain his fur that creeps throughout the house.

And, maybe I need a trivet

and a bowl.

What about you?

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