Trying to capture movement..

24 June 2014

I'm attempting to learn to use my DSLR camera in manual mode. There are some successes and some failures, but it's been fun.

Last week, in the city, I did some playing with the shutter speed just to see what I could manage without a tripod.

The fountain in Hyde Park. Take 1.

Take 2. I quite like this one.

Take 3.

Take 4. I like this one too.

     Take 5.

Traffic at the lights. Not quite what I wanted, but okay I suppose.

A twirling girl. I like how the colours of her ribbons combine and also, at times, the movement of her hands.

In this one, I like the way the colour wraps around her leg.

Nothing fantastic, I know, but I'm experimenting and learning.

I'm off to a DSLR talk at the local library this week. That might help.

I can only get better.

Do you like any?

Any tips are most appreciated.

By the way, I did some research. Yackandandah means water running over rocks at the junction of two creeks. Tallangatta means an abundance of currajong trees. Baranduda means water rat and Tangambalanga means white clawed lobster, yabbie. Beautiful, don't you think?

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