Lake Tyers and Lakes Entrance, Victoria: a meeting of sisters and brothers, friends and family.

22 January 2016

2016 began for me at Lake Tyers, Victoria. A quiet spot close to, but out of, the hustle and bustle of Lakes Entrance in school holidays' mode. Why Lake Tyers? I desperately needed to be with the ocean again, smell the salt air, crunch sand between my toes. And there was the pull of friendship and family.

Four friends drove from Sydney (two via the Gold Coast), one brother drove from Melbourne and another brother from Tasmania. It seemed like a good meeting point. Sisters and brothers. Friends and family.

In reality though, it was a lucky choice. In my ignorant bliss, I stumbled upon Lake Tyers Beachfront Holiday Retreat while searching on-line.

Our two level villa, at the edge of the retreat, nestled against the bushland,

and its views

fitted the six of us perfectly.

There was the walk to the beach.

Along the beach.

The weather often blustery and rainy. Summer in Victoria.

The ocean water very cold. Summer in Victoria.

Some, braver than me, ventured in. A skim boarder bringing back memories of my youth.

I loved my skim board.

There was the walk along the cliff tops.

With wombat holes. This one seemingly not used for some time.

Native flowers.

And orchids.

In the bush beside the villa, this rather large blue tongue lizard sunned his body when the weather allowed.

And these guys sat quietly on the lichen covered fence to be photographed.

It is a quiet place; a haven for fisher-folk, sisters and brothers, friends and family.

We ventured to nearby lakes … There are lakes aplenty.

With native beauty.

And bucolic scenes to bring a smile to my face on a rainy day.


We ventured into Lakes Entrance too. "Lakes" to the locals. Some good coffee, a bit of retail therapy and The Entrance Walk … perfect rainy day things-to-do.

Little bits of loveliness along the track.

And sea birds to delight us and my bird-watching brother.

Lots and lots of sea birds.

And mussels to make our mouths water.

Lots and lots of mussels.

And at The Entrance itself, these guys playing.

And a couple of smiling seals having heaps of fun.

To complete the perfect holiday … food. We love to cook and eat.

Best of all ... curried scallop pie … made from scallops carried all the way from Tasmania. What could be better? Thanks Phil.

How did your 2016 begin?

Have you been to Lake Tyers and Lakes Entrance? Any stories to share?

Were you a mad keen skim boarder in your day, like me????

And, what about curried scallop pie? Tried it? Baked it? Have a secret recipe to share?

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