Breast Cancer Awareness: #IPledgeToCheck

1 October 2016

Do you clean your teeth every day? Do you shower every day? Do you moisturise your face, legs, arms every day?  Do you check your breasts every day? Is checking your breasts part of your every day health and beauty regime? If you're like me the answer is ... um ... no ... not EVERY day. But, if you're like me, you will join the campaign #IPledgeToCheck so that you will ... will always ... check your breasts every, evERY, EVERY day.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. QV, their Self Check Breast Cream and the McGrath Foundation have joined forces to fight breast cancer by asking us to pledge publicly, via our social media accounts, to check our breasts EVERY day.

Monday, October 3 is #IPledgeToCheck day.

A public pledge might be just what I need. Once that pledge is out there in social media land, I'll have no excuse. No excuse at all. There'll be an expectation. An expectation to check. Every day.

To help me in this #IPledgeToCheck campaign, QV sent me their Self Check Breast Cream in all its pinkness to sit on my bathroom shelf and remind me to CHECK MY BREASTS. Yes, in all its pinkness, it can scrEAM at me from the shelf. Remind me. Be a visible nudge to be proactive about my breasts.

Did you know that, if cancer is found while it is limited to the breast, 96% of patients will be alive 5 years after their diagnosis? That's a pretty astounding statistic. And another good reason to take the pledge.

It is vital for me ... us ... to know what is "normal" for our breasts. It is only then that we can discern if something feels, looks a little abnormal. The catch phrase "if you grow 'em, know 'em" is all about recognising what is "normal", knowing your breasts ... their shape, size, feel ... knowing all about them.

Need some help in understanding how to check your breasts effectively? The brochure inside the QV Self Check Breast Cream or this QV site explains it all.

If Apps are more your thing, there's the Curve Lurve Breast Awareness App, details here.

$2 from the purchase of every tube goes to the McGrath Foundation
to raise funds for Breast Care Nurses. (RRP $8.15 100g)
So, what do you need to do to join #IPledgeToCheck?

  1. Take a photo featuring your favourite bra and/or QV Self Check Breast Cream somewhere creative.
  2. Post your photo on social media using #IPledgeToCheck on Monday October 3.
  3. Tag all of your friends and add this message, "Support this cause & get in the habit of self checking your breasts as part of your everyday skincare routine."
Let's do this.
Let's self check our breasts daily.
Let's spread the message "if you grow 'em, know 'em".
Let's support QV and the McGrath Foundation.

Are you on board?
Will I find your photo on IG or FB using #IPledgeToCheck ?
Are you willing to make the pledge?

Catch up again soon,

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