My modern style hanging kitchen towel tutorial.

26 March 2020

Need a hanging towel in your kitchen? They are so convenient, but sometimes a bit too ... granny? I have a solution. My modern style hanging kitchen towel is convenient, classy and such an easy make. While you're in lockdown or merely following the social distancing guidelines, why not make a dozen or so from your scrap pile? Christmas presents for your neighbours and friends will be done and dusted in no time.

So, what do you need?

Hand towels, of course.

I bought mine from K Mart, Australia, for not vey much at all. They had some very pretty ones to choose from. I think some may have been labeled as tea towels, but they were towelling, so would do the job very well.

Small scraps from your stash, big enough to cut 15cm (6 inch) squares.

Light fusible interfacing, again only enough for 15cm (6 inch) squares. (Don't omit the interfacing. It gives the tops of the hanging towels some body and structure.)

One button. I choose one from my button bottle about 1.25cm (1/2 ") diameter.

Time to begin.

1. Fold the hand towel in half lengthways and, on the edge, mark the centre with a pin.

2. Cut two 15cm (6") squares from your scrap fabrics, choose coordinating fabrics.

3. Cut one 15cm (6") square of interfacing.

4. Iron interfacing onto the wrong side of one of your scrap squares.

5. Place the two scrap squares, right sides together, and stitch together using a .6 cm (1/4 ") seam. Leave a small opening to allow you to turn the squares through to the right side.

6. Trim corners and turn through to right side.

7. Fold square in half across the diagonal and iron to create a visible crease.

8. Find the centre point of the diagonal crease line, place it onto the centre of the hand towel (which you marked with a pin earlier).

9. Top stitch about .3cm (1/8") around all edges and .3cm (1/8") BELOW the diagonal centre line crease. (On two of the four sides and below the centre crease line, you will be sewing through the hand towel as well as the fabric square.)

10. Measure and mark 1.25cm (1/2 ") from the tip of the triangle of fabric not attached to the hand towel. Mark the length required for a buttonhole for the button you  have selected.

11. Stitch the buttonhole. Carefully open buttonhole with seam ripper or buttonhole tool.

12. Turn hand towel over to the right side. Fold triangle with buttonhole over and position with a 2.5cm (1") gap revealing the coordinating triangle attached to the hand towel. 

13. Place a pin through the buttonhole opening at the bottom tip of the button hole. Gently pull the pin through buttonhole to show the position of your button.

14. Attach button.

15. Fold over top triangle, place button through buttonhole and you are done.

A modern style, non-granny, hanging kitchen towel.

And then, if you're like me and your neighbour wants half a dozen, you make five more.

Stay positive and keep sewing during this crazy time.

I'd love to see your modern style hanging kitchen towels.
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