New suitcase. It's the Mickey Mouse!

31 October 2013

A new suitcase is not what most people celebrate but, for me, this is a major occasion worthy of much excitement.  My old suitcase has had a fantastic life.  It has travelled widely to Istanbul, London, Prague, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and countless other exotic places over many years. Yes, I looovvee to travel.  However, I have come to the sad realisation, that my much-travelled case is too small.  

As I packed for our last adventure, MLP muttered, "You need a bigger suitcase."  Packing for me is panic attack territory.  I worry that I have packed too little, that I have forgotten something important, that I have packed too much.  I hate arriving home with things in my case that I haven't used.  They've taken up vital possible shopping space!  MLP knows to retreat to areas unknown as I go through my ritual packing nausea.  Yep, nausea.  Once at the airport, champagne in hand, I'm fabulous but, prior to that, well ... I'm not good.

So, as MLP and I are about to embark on a journey southwards, and as we contemplate OS for next year, his muttered words begin to sound sensible, very sensible.  Why have I travelled for so long with a panic-attack-causing case?  Why have I persisted with a case that is adequate but not travel-shopping friendly?  I decided, he's right ...  again.  It's time.

This time I'm doing the real deal: large suitcase AND matching carry-on case.  Celebrity status here I come.  I want those fancy, light suitcases and not just any case; I want the Mickey Mouse.  Not the Mickey Mouse as in the Mickey Mouse but THE Mickey Mouse as in cartoon character, lover of Minnie, wearer of big shoes and red pants.  THAT Mickey Mouse.  And my local Zellows has them in stock AND on special.  It's meant to be!  My friend, Lorraine always says, "Put it out to the Universe and the Universe will provide."  I think that's what just happened.

Fabulous ... no?

I can now be one of those travellers whose suitcase rolls along beside them like a pet poodle: obedient, sycophantic and trained.  Four wheels!  Yeah!

Four fantastic wheels!

And cute Mickey Mouse insignia everywhere.  Even the lining is Mickey-fied.  Little grey Mickey heads abound inside my new case.

See those cute little grey Mickey heads on the lining.

Not only am I going to have plenty of space in my case ...  Oh dear, terrible rhyme! ...  but also, I'm going to look amazing.  Several people already told me that when I rolled my new found joy out of the shopping centre!  Suitcase envy.  I love it.

But, don't despair, my old, well-travelled suitcase has not been abandoned, Ralphter has recruited it for another purpose …

"Why Mickey Mouse?" I hear you say.  Well, when I was young and small and vulnerable, I had a Mickey Mouse ... but my sister ripped his arm off.  She'll tell you it was my side of the tug-of-war where the amputation occurred, but I disagree.  It was DEFINITELY hers.  He looked like this one I saw in the local antiques place for $95! Yikes!  BUT mine only had one arm.

What do you think of my fantastic suitcase twins?  Have you developed a fetish for Mickey Mouse yet?

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