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18 October 2013

Since buying my iPad mini, I have entered the world of Pinterest. How many great ideas have been out there living in cyberspace that I was oblivious to!?! The problem with Pinterest is I started to think, "I could make/do that ...   that looks sooo easy!"   

Then, of course, I thought, I need to have a go.  I need to make/do some of these things that I find so Pinteresting.  But where to begin?

My friend Karen ... yes, Karen-of-the-various-emails ... and I had decided to test the waters selling our wares at one of the local markets.  Carlyle Gardens Arts and Crafts Market, first Saturday of every month and Riverways Artists Market, in case you were wondering.  I felt I needed some small goodies on my market table for children and the person who, like me, arrives at most markets with only small change in their purse, VERY small change.  So, I went to my Pinterest boards and found these ...

Cute denim dilly bags.

which handily included a visual feasts of "how to"; very beneficial as the associated explanation was, I think, in Japanese.

And these ...

Knitting bags.
Upcycled denim dilly bags to store ... whatever ... pens, pencils and sticky tape, make up, hair clips (That's what I use mine for as I'll show you later.), knitting (So the pictures say.), just about anything!  Very simple to make AND upcycled.  I looove upcycling.  It helps me support the Salvos.  My most favourite-est charity store.

Hence, I venture to the local Salvos store, a mere 3ks from my house, and orange tagged clothes are on special this week.  Specials at the Salvos! You've got to adore the Salvos.  How can things already so cheap be on special?  But, they are, so I search for jeans with orange tags and take my bounty to the service counter.  For not very much money, I have my basic supplies.  When I add to this all my left over bits and bobs in my sewing stash, I have everything I need and some happy sewing time ahead.

I produce a little stash of upcycled denim dilly bags.

My stash.
One, I decide, I cannot part with. (I am currently having a love affair with lime green ... a hark back to my 70s Uni days.)  See the one at the lower right corner filled with tropical hair clips (Yes, one hair clip is lime green too.) ... that's mine!  I also feel the need to post some to Marigold's family.  Remember Marigold, my niece's retro caravan, the inspiration for my tea cozy challenge?  There's never enough storage in a caravan.  So, the purple pom poms, the cute caravans, and one of the skulls slide into a postage bag to head further north in FNQ.  Then, I think, I don't have enough left for my market stall ... Salvos here I come, again.

Anyone with any of the most basic sewing knowledge can make these.  They'd be great for storing little bits of Lego, toy blocks, office goodies.  I've seen them sporting crusty, fresh bread rolls on a BBQ table and succulents in a neat little row.  They're quick and fun to make.

And, yes, they did sell well on market day.  And Marigold's family were very happy.  On their last adventure, Daddy Marigold used his for all his iPod paraphernalia; Baby Marigold carried all his treasures between the car, while on the road, and the caravan, when in camp; Mummy Marigold used hers for all those precious mummy things needed when travelling and is now ready to put some hooks in Marigold so each family dilly bag has a special place to live ... organisation is vital in a small caravan.

Let me know if you give them a try and what you use them for.

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