My flowers this week.

25 March 2014

Sometimes the flower God is smiling and this week was one of those weeks. Anyone know the name of the flower God? Florence ... maybe? 

Anyway, as I did a quick flit through Woolieworths for a few dinner goodies earlier this week, I thought, "Flowers. I need flowers. I've one poor fragile yellow bloom left from last week's bunch. I need flowers. I have to maintain my New Year's resolution."

So, I grab my bunch and head to the self-serve check out.

And ... $4! 

Yep, $4! 

The huge bunch that I had selected was $4! I was expecting around $15, but no, $4, just $4.


I was so overwhelmed I had a short chat with the self-serve check out supervisor.

"Yep," she said. "I couldn't believe the price when they came in this morning."

So, these aren't flowers on their last legs ... stems ... left over because no-one thought they were beautiful. These are fresh flowers. 




For $4!!!!

Take a look.

How amazing are they?

A substantial bunch of beauties.

I'm still in shock.

And the eucalyptus perfume through the house,


PS Book Club adventures will continue in Friday's post.

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