Ottoman transformed.

15 March 2014

Having a small orange moggie roaming the house is mostly a joy, BUT there are times when he oversteps his boundaries, like where claws are allowed to be sharpened. 

On the cane couch? No! 

On the furniture?? No!!

On the ottoman??? No!!!

Some of these battles I win; some I lose. 

The ottoman was a loss. 

A total-absolute-complete-utter win for the bad, furry orange guy; total-absolute-complete-utter loss for me!

Despite the fact that he has his own special feline cane bed which he is allowed to scratch to pieces, he insisted that the ottoman was his. They, who ever "they" are, say, "Catch them in the act; spray them with water. That will stop them!" 

Well, I will give a medal to any "they" who can catch my devious orange beast "in the act". The water spray is ready, loaded, in reach but ... he's cunning; he's sneaky; he's laughing all the way down the hall.

And the ottoman is shredded.

By the way ... when did a footstool, pouf become an "ottoman"? Obviously, sometime in between my childhood and now. But, apparently, ottoman it is.

Some of this destruction is the result of age and wear, but the great majority is the result of an orange moggie, who will remain unnamed, being VERY naughty.

So, now that he-who-will-remain-unnamed is a little older, wiser, quieter (certainly not more mature) and a little less inclined to rampant destruction, it might be time to transform the forlorn ottoman; breathe new life into its saddened soul.

He-who-will-remain-unnamed looks a picture of innocence, doesn't he?

I still have coffee bags in my stash and I think they'll be just perfect ... purr-fect ... to make a slip cover.

So, I do some measuring and some cutting and I end up with four pieces of fabric: the larger one to cover two sides, as I didn't want to cut through the brand stencil; the other three cut to display suitable script.

I use the old pull-out-a-thread trick to make sure I cut this hessian nice and straight and, hence have less worry with fraying.

And, I begin sewing. Firstly, the longer piece and one smaller side piece.

Then it's just a matter of adding the two other sides and finishing off the bottom edge which I decide to do with some bias binding I find hiding in my cupboard of goodies.

I use a serpentine stitch to try to hold the threads together and prevent too much fraying.

At this stage, I'm not adding a base to my cover. I think it will be fine as a slip cover. And so my little ottoman transformation is complete.

It sits quite happily in the corner waiting to be used, enjoying its new fancy outfit: its new life.

The coffee bag pile

The orange moggie
has been
warned off
approaching the ottoman.

I think it's time
put my feet up
with a coffee.

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