Playing around with Washi tape.

9 May 2014

Not so long ago I had never heard of Washi tape. I had never crossed its path. I had never known its pleasure. But, being retired, and venturing into the realm of blogs, there was Washi tape. Everyone was using it and I felt hopelessly inadequate. Washi tape!?! I had no idea.

So, I began some investigation. This tape seemed like a bit of fun. It seemed like it could be something easy to play around with. But, where to get it?

My special-trusted-high-school-friend came south to visit and we had a MISSION: find Washi tape.

And we did, in Officeworks. The kindly assistant at the door didn't even look at us weirdly when we enquired after this strangely named tape. She just happily pointed us over to the left where we found a bin with what looked like left overs.

Easily half an hour later, after we had sifted through the dregs of the Washi tape supply, we headed off. Smiling.
Not having any idea what we were going to do with our new acquisitions. 

My special-trusted-high-school-friend was thinking of a gallery wall with Washi tape frames. Nice idea! Apparently, Washi tape is paint friendly.

But then we ventured into Spotlight and more Washi tape!
I should have known.
But prettier ...  purple and lime green and pink Washi tape. 

Oh, the dilemma! 
Do I buy more? 
Am I being greedy?
Am I becoming a materialistic tape collector?
Would this be a waste of money?

So, of course, I walk out with more Washi tape.
More smiles.
Still not knowing what I am going to do with my newly purchased stash.

My first little foray into Washi world was to redo trusted-high-school-friend's mouse pad.

And then, of course, my own mouse pad.

Don't they look fantastic?

Yes, you can still see a hint of the Greek scene underneath, but I'm okay with that. You've probably also noticed the tape is starting to lift at the edges. Well, it's been through two months work, so I think it's survived reasonably well.

I'm thinking of running a line of tape down those two edges to tidy things up. Virgo stuff. I know ...

After these little Washi adventures, I went into Washi hibernation for some time. Those little rolls sat neglected, feeling hopelessly unloved on my sewing cupboard.

But then, wandering through Provincial Living, I saw this..

Beautiful images, Washi taped to the wall in a grid.

And then this.

Sewing pattern directions Washi taped.
Great idea, I thought.
But again I reverted to Washi tape hibernation fearing its impact on the walls and Mr Rental.

Soon, though, I became disenchanted with Mr Rental and, I had a Nike thought, Just do it! And so I did.

I started in the office where I had a large blank wall.

I collected some tear sheets from my favourite magazines and organised them on the floor.
It's always the best place for serious work, don't you think?

Lined up my Washi tape like little soldiers.

And started taping. Not too seriously. Not using a tape and level. Just using my eye. Taping the top of each sheet first.

Then, when all tear sheets were positioned on my wall, going back to tape the bottom, doing little adjustments along the way.

Until I was finished.

But then, I realised, I wasn't finished.

Still too much blank space. I needed more tear sheets.
And so I continued.
And the grid grew.
An extra column on either end and things were looking better. Much better.

 A large blank space had been filled with colour and pseudo-art.

My office wall makes me smile.

What more could I ask for?

Well, some Washi tape art in the sewing room perhaps?

Just a little.

With some cute lime green Washi tape.

Why not?

But I had been bitten.

The next thing to be Washi-ed … conjugate the verb "to Washi" … were some match boxes. I love having perfumed candles in the house and I love to light them. So what could be more appropriate than beautiful matchboxes to accompany them?

But, thankfully, I have now retreated into Washi hibernation again. But I am ever alert, ever vigilant for a potential Washi project.

What about you?

Thought of a spot in your house for some Washi tape art?

Done any Washi taping?

It's temporary,




Been bitten?

Just do it! Washi it!

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