To Orange and beyond …

2 May 2014

MLP's and my musings last week about town names certainly created some profound thought.
The neurons and synapses were all aflutter.
"Emerald," people said, "a town named after a colour."
Ha! Yes!
"What about Blacktown and Violet Town?" murmured others.
MLP didn't think these made the cut because they had "town" attached. But sadly no further fruit towns emerged.

Well, this week we actually make it to Orange (and beyond), which, by the way, was named after the Prince of Orange (nothing to do with the fruit or colour!), and is famous for apples. And grapes … of the winemaking varieties. A great reason to take a short break in Orange, don't you think? 

When ever I am looking for accommodation away from home, I have this mantra …as good as, or better than, home. 

As good as, or better than, home.
As good as, or better than, home.

No cheap and seedy motel rooms for me, unless absolutely nothing else is available. Are you the same?

So, in Orange, we stayed at ...

Call me a Princess, but who wouldn't want to stay here? 

Our room was on that upstairs balcony … on the left. One might say the room needed a little update, but the mansion, it was spectacular.

The view from our French doors.

A little spot to sit or read or while away some time on the stair landing.

Our front door, for two nights.

Our front verandah, for two and a half days.

Our stairwell.

Our entryway and parlour. 

Yes, it was ours ... for a short while.

What do you think??

At lunch time, we found Byng Street Cafe, very close by, to share our coffee and sliders with this guy.

I had read about an amazing cafe in Orange in Country Style magazine some time ago and, after a short search through my past copies, managed, by some miracle, to find the article.

Byng Street cafe lived up to the review. 

Great coffee. Great food. And a vintage vibe. My style.

Food seems to be the focus of this town's existence. 

Good food. 
Great food. 
Local food.
And lots of it.

And autumn colours. 

On the Sunday, after the Bunny had been (remember it was Easter), we ventured beyond Orange on a tour guided by the Orange-living-members of MLP's family. 

We saw lakes, where some brave, intrepid, fearless, some might say foolhardy, young boys swam in the cold water: Lake Canobolas.

We saw more beautiful autumn colours.

And apple orchards covered in acres of netting.

And road signs that made me relieved we weren't driving this road in winter.

We drove up dusty roads.

To stand on top of Mt Canobolas. Some of MLP's family stood higher than others.

To see the view stretch out before us.

Ah ... beautiful.

We tasted wine.

And then, a little later, MLP and I headed off on our own to Millthorpe, a heritage town born during the Gold Rush days, with splendidly preserved buildings. The railway station.

One of the pubs. Don't you love those unusual rounded windows?

And a street-scape populated by intriguing boutique style shops.

And treasures in the shops and on the streets.

And signs on shop windows that promote products and services long gone. 

But after another night's rest, our break was over and we headed home.

Both of us saying

we'd like to return

with more time

to explore

and taste

much more of


and beyond.

What do you think?

Is Orange on your list of places to visit?

Thanks for reading my blog post. I'd love it if you left a comment below so that I know that you've visited. 

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