Grand Designs Live, Sydney, and being lucky.

28 October 2014

2014 is going to go down in the annals of time as Libby's Year of Luck. Admittedly, I have been entering competitions, which previously I have not had the time nor the desire to do. And 2014 has proved to be my year. 

A $50 Masters voucher earlier in the year from tlifecreative on Instagram for making the suggestion to turn an old cable drum into a drinks' trolley. A nice little surprise.

$100 of vouchers from my local shopping centre for filling in a form and dropping it in the barrel. We've dined through a number of Saturday breakfasts on those lovelies.

And then, two tickets to Grand Designs Live, Sydney, because I took the time to write a comment on The Life Creative blog.

Yay! I'm on a roll. Who knows what I'll win next?!? But while the luck is happening, I'm going to keep entering.

So, Grand Designs Live Sydney.

I entered, under the clouds, down the pink carpet, with strains of the Grand Designs theme song tinkling above.

Was it good? Did I see Kevin? Did Kevin see me?

Yes. Yes. And probably not.

Bad photo, I know, but I was about six rows back, standing, with my iPhone above my head, trying to press the camera button. Best I could manage. Sorry.

But it's proof. Proof of Kevin … in my presence … and the presence of a lot of other people.

So, who else was there? Who else saw me?

Yep, Shaynna was there.

Did Shaynna see me?

Mmmm … probably not.

And Mr Jason Grant. I'm a bit of a follower. Like his relaxed style. Bought his books.

 Then did the sycophantic book signing thing.

See proof. Mr Jason Grant definitely saw me.

What else did I see? Well, some really interesting things, stuff, bits and pieces.

This caught my eye straight up. Don't think I'd like to have to maintain it, but what a statement piece!

And how cute is this! I love rocking chairs.

How about a footstool/side table in the shape of a thimble? Loved it.

And an outdoor space with a little reading nook. Cosy.

Or this outdoor beauty. Amazing.

Or a crocheted garland to grace your wall. I could do this.

But my heart went out to this little Miss who was just there to hold brochures. I want her.

I had fun.

It was free … for me.

And the lady I gave my extra ticket to. She was h a p p y.

I saw Kevin

and Shaynna

and Mr Jason Grant.

A great day out.

Did you go? What did you love? How's your luck been lately?

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