Photography … deer, oh dear.

21 October 2014

As we cruised down the road in the direction of the Sackville ferry, my sister and her man cried excitedly, "A little deer! Oh, but it's gone." And then there were more. Cute, timid deer. Staring at us. 

Not sure about what we were up to, they scampered off into the safety of their bush.

Staring, cautiously … at us … staring at them.

But, then, just a little further on, there were more, not quite so timid and relatively happy to be the focus of my lens.

A young buck with his harem.

A very lucky young man.

One thought she was a sheep. Maybe.

We were fascinated. We don't see a lot of deer.

These were so cute.

I don't know what breed of deer they are.

Maybe fallow or sitka or sika?

Anyone know?

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