Vivid Sydney 2016 ... in the rain.

9 June 2016

Rain is predicted. Heavy rain ... and strong winds. A rather large storm cell, in fact, and we are booked into the city for the night to tour the sights of Vivid Sydney 2016. A night in town. A dinner out. And Vivid. Perfect ... except for the rain.

We are booked into a flash hotel in Martin Place, The Westin, set in, around, on, the old GPO, built in 1844. Old and new combined in an amazing architectural mix.

Vivid begins just outside our door in Martin Place. A pyramid of changing lights.

A car immersed in shapes and colours.

Laser lights play against the aged facades and soar into the night sky.

A fountain of little people tumble and walk.

As we make our way towards Circular Quay, the lights inside the buildings and from the traffic, not officially part of Vivid, are just as beautiful.

Circular Quay is amass with people. Umbrellas begin to open. The crowds of happy night viewers persist despite the gentle rain.

Interactive light displays capture the children.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is appropriately awash with dripping paint.

The Opera House even more spectacular than normal.

And mesmerising Custom House, always a crowd pleaser.

Notice the brollies. The rain is a little heavier.

We decide on a ferry ride to Darling Harbour to see more lights. (Last year, Darling Harbour lights were stunning. See them here.)

Even the ferries are adorned, advertising Taronga Zoo's involvement in Vivid for the first time.

A ferry ride gives great views of the city, the bridge, Luna Park ... except that now it is raining, seriously raining, bucketing down, in fact.

An interestingly blurred, rained-out view of Luna Park.

A less blurred, rained-out view of Luna Park as we dock at the ferry terminal.

Did we venture out into the torrential rain at Darling Harbour?

Umm, nope.

We chose to remain on the ferry and make our way back for coffee at our flash hotel in town.

Too wet. Too windy. And the weekend weather proceeded to get much worse. Beaches were washed away. Houses on the beachfront destroyed. Lives lost. A horror storm. Our Vivd experience was cut short.

What is it about a light show that makes us gather even in the rain?
Are you a light show lover?

Have you been to Vivid 2106, 2015 ... ?
Are you thinking of going this weekend when the weather should be much improved?

There's much more to see than what we caught before the rain tumbled down.

If you're planning a visit to Sydney, check the dates for Vivid; it's something to see
if there's not an enormous storm cell on the weather chart.

Catch up again soon.


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