Make Up Organiser Tutorial.

16 June 2016

In the world of make up, I would be classed as a minimalist. I've tried being one of those artistic make up people who use lots of fancy schmancy products that enable them to change the way their face looks, but I've had no success. None. Zilch. So, these days my make up regime is very simple. A bit of foundation, sometimes a bit of powder, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, sometimes a bit of blush and, on the rarest of occasions, eye shadow. So, what is my bathroom drawer doing holding all this "stuff' that I never use? And surely there is a better way to store the little make up that I do use? Hence, my epiphany and my make up organiser was born.

A simple little roll up pouch to hold all my make up, except my powder. It was a bit too bulky to roll, I thought.

Once everything is in, it rolls up into a neat package. Easy to grab from the drawer and roll out on the bathroom vanity when I need it. Easy to grab when I'm travelling to put in my toiletries bag and still have room for shampoo and toothbrush and so on.

Easy. Just easy.

No more scrabbling around in the drawer trying to find what I'm after.

I know some people like to keep their make up on the vanity on show. Not me. I like the vanity top relatively clear and everything stored away out of sight.

Lately my out-of-sight had become a disaster area.

And it was this disaster area that gave birth to my epiphany.

First, a declutter was needed.

In true KonMari style (Remember I KonMari-ed my clothes last year and, yes, they're still KonMari organised!), everything had to come out. Everything had to be touched and assessed.

Spark joy? Not spark joy?


Everything, including the drawer and the shelves had a good clean and then it was time to restore order.

That's when the epiphany happened.

The make up organiser concept was born.

So, how did I make it?


Line up your make up. Measure width and height.

Sorry about the inches. I'm old school.

This is all my make up, but, for you, maybe it's just the make up you want to take travelling.

Using these measurements plus a little extra just in case, create two pieces: a backing strip and a strip for the pockets themselves.

In my case, to suit my make up haul, the backing piece was cut 27¾" x 14" (71cm x 36cm) and the pocket strip was cut 27¾" x 10½" (71cm x 27cm).

Fold these pieces in half and sew ¼" (.6cm) seams at both ends.

Cut a strip of soft wadding to fit inside the back piece and carefully slip inside backing strip.

Sew these two strips together at the base, again with ¼" seam. (This is the width of my standard machine foot.)

 Overlock or zig zag the raw edge.

Iron this seam towards the backing piece.

Tuck under the overlocking threads at either end, flip the joined pieces over and top stitch on the back of the backing piece close to the seam line. (I used half my machine foot width and a slightly longer stitch than normal.) This makes a neat edge when you turn the pocket piece to the front.

Flip the pocket piece over to the front and iron.

Pin the sides together. Insert ribbon for tying in one end. (I used 40" {102cm} of ribbon.) Fold ribbon in half and insert between backing strip and pocket piece.

Stitch sides together. (I used a double needle for this, but you could just do two rows of stitching.)

Now to custom fit for your make up items.

Line up make up on top of strip.

Begin at each end, working towards the middle, place make up items inside the organiser and position pins where you will need to stitch pocket lines.

Remove make up items and use a square and an invisible pen to mark straight pocket lines.

Stitch pocket lines.

Insert your make up.

Roll up, tie a cute little bow and you're done. Yay!

My disaster area is no more.

Oh, I love it when things are clean and organised. Tragic, I know.

Some of you will recognise the watermelon fabric from the jewellery pouch I made more than a wee while ago. They're going to be travelling mates. Almost twins.

Do you need a make up organiser in your life?

Are you happiest when things are clean and organised, like me?

Do you have a disaster area you need to KonMari?

Catch up again soon.


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