Burragorang Lookout: a short, leisurely drive to the most impressive views.

6 July 2016

How did we come to be at Burragorang Lookout? In the slightly chilly air? Sipping warming cups of tea? And picnicking? Something like this ...

"What would you like to do tomorrow?" asks MLP.
"Mmmm ... are you giving me any suggestions to choose from??"
"Nope, thought you might have some ideas."
"Right ..."

Do you have these sorts of conversations with your beloved?

And hence the search began for somewhere not too far away to take Larry for a day out. Larry Land Cruiser has been purchased to tow the newly ordered caravan and he is currently operating as a shopping car for me. MLP loves to drive Larry, but doesn't get the opportunity during the week, so weekend drives are on the agenda ... It seems ... but to where?

Mr Google gave us some options in our area, many of which we had already discovered, so I broadened the search a little and Burragorang Lookout popped up.

Just over an hour away, promising bird life and views. No cafe was mentioned, so some bread rolls, a thermos of tea and the trusty picnic blanket were enlisted and our journey began. A Darby and Joan adventure.

I had visions of us spreading our blankie on the grass, in the sunshine, sipping tea and munching our rolls.

Well, it was sort of like that, except I was huddled against MLP, shivering a little, using my tea cup to warm my hands. Blankie was spread out across our picnic table and draped over my legs to give me a little warmth.

There was sunshine and birdlife and the most amazing views as promised. The temperature was just a little cooler than I predicted. In the sun ... lovely. Out of the sun ... shivering.

Despite my lack of appropriate clothing, it was worth the journey.

I never tire of driving through eucalypt forests.

And the views on arrival. Warragamba Dam and the Blue Mountains escarpment. Ahhh.

A picnic area with tables and BBQs. Room for many, many people to sit, eat, play, cook.

It's one of those spots where you come across lots of driving/riding enthusiasts keen to showcase their pride and joy ... prides and joys?? ... not sure which is correct.

The journey is a country drive through pastures of sheep, alpaca, deer, Clydesdales, goats ... the most astounding goats. Look at those horns!

And some VERY friendly goats.

This one obviously thought I had food. So cheeky.

They loved a pat too.

More goats will soon be delivered. It appears.

And the cutest little furry bottoms. Naaaw.

 Country style, honesty box, fruit stalls.

And honey stalls with a cute little security guard.

Just the way life should be and so close to suburbia.

If you live in my area, you might like to read about my visit to Cattai National Park which is also a beautiful place for a day out.

Are you a country drive enthusiast?

A lover of eucalypt forests? 

Of country style, honesty box stalls?

Of goats and cute furry bottoms?

Where does your favourite Darby and Joan Sunday drive take you?

Catch up again soon.

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