There's a baby in the house. A brand new baby.

15 July 2016

Yes, it's true! In our house. A milky-scented, black-haired nymph. The most beauteous beauty in the whole entire universe ... of course. And she's in our house ... technically ... our house on the Gold Coast.

The serenity of a baby sleeping.

No, she's not ours. We're a bit past that, but she is living in our house ... on the Gold Coast with her lovely mum and dad. MLP's son and his wife have been in our house while we've been Townsville-ing and Sydney-ing and they've made a baby. How clever is that!

MLP's first grand-child and my first step-grand-child. Families are complicated these days.

But, of course, you want to see more pictures.

With Great-grandma.



MLP ... Grandpa, Pop ... he's not sure. He said he'd let her decide, which I'm sure she will. My mother's Great-grandchildren call her Jam Jar, so who knows what name this angel will give to MLP.

And a blurry phone photo of her with me.

And on her own.

When there's a baby on the horizon, there are preparations to be made.

Sewing ... of sleeping suits.

With matching caps, naturally. You can find the pattern here.

And they fit that tiny little head ... in a blurry phone photo kind of way.

And crocheting to be done.

Of princess crowns

which also fit. The pattern is available here.

Thanks to the lovely visitor who took this photo.
So there was a visit to the Gold Coast to meet her when she was two days old.

We managed a walk around our neighbourhood to reconnect with some locals.

Some of whom have also been busy making babies, it seems.

There has to be a joey in that pouch.

And Lorikeet chicks in that convenient hollow.

Dad certainly looks like he's guarding something precious.

And there was a little time to catch up with friends ... for breakfast.

Here, right on the beach.

With this view. Ahhhh. Winter on the Gold Coast!

This is going to be me next year. Paddle boarding in the morning sun.

If you've read my previous posts about visiting home (here and here), you'll know I miss home and friends and that sense of belonging.

Now, with a new baby, it will be even more satisfying to return home at the end of the year to begin MLP's life of retirement, Grandpa-ing and a tad of grey nomad-ing in our new caravan.

Are there new babies in your family?
Cute, cuddly, milk-infused babies?

Do you know that tiny ache of missing home and friends?

Isn't she the most amazing creation you've seen??
You have to say yes.

Catch up again soon.

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