Looking down.

8 July 2014

Since becoming addicted to Instagram recently, I've started taking "looking down" style photos just for fun and because, well, I find them intriguing and I'd never really thought of recording life like this before. It's fascinating how many different and beautiful surfaces can be walked on in one day. How many patterns and patinas. So, here are my gaggle of my current "looking down" photos … just for fun.

At the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

At David Jones in the city.

 On the streets in Surry Hills.

I assume someone knows what all these arrows, letters and numbers mean. I don't.

Beside the creek at St Albans.

And some with shadows included. I quite like this effect. 

Interesting ...

What do you think?

Shadow with very important arrows, letters and numbers.

And some with some friends. Just for fun.

I like that it's an unusual way to capture life 

and holidays 

and visitors.

I think I'll be taking some more.

What do you think?

Crazy? Totally insane? Fun?  Maybe you'll give it a go too … maybe?

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