Playing around with editing effects.

1 July 2014

I'm learning to use my DSLR camera, as you know, but I'm also trying to learn about editing at the same time. I've been playing around with Picmonkey because … well ... most of it is free and I find it easy to use. Free and easy, what more could I ask for?

I know there are more sophisticated editing programs, but I'm trying to keep things simple to start with. So, Picmonkey it is.

It's fun to see what I can do with even the most basic of editing effects. I've used my original photo, totally straight off the camera, no editing at all, as you see it below (Cousin Maria and I have been doing a bit of cemetery wandering in historic Richmond and Windsor recently, so an angel from a grave site seems appropriate).

I'm really happy with my original photo, but I thought I'd play around with effects to see what happened. Each of these are basic effects available in Picmonkey.

Black & White                            Boost

I love black and white photography and this is an easy effects option. Boost created some great colour combinations. I like the iridescent blues.

Cinerama                             Cross Process

Of these two, I like the Cross Process best. I like the dusty red effect.

Dark Edges                               Dusk

I'm not mad about either of these two results.

Focal Zoom                             Frost

Focal Zoom gave a spiritual presence to the photo, I thought.

HDR                             Holga

HDR brought out a lot of the details of the angel. I thought Holga was a bit too dark.

Infrared                                         Lomo

I like the way Lomo gave my angel an aura.

Orton                                    Posterise

I really like the effect of Posterise. I like how it accentuated the light and shade.

Sepia                                 Soften

Sepia is always effective. Soften for that romantic look.

Tranquil                          Focal Pixelate

These two I'm not sure about.

Yester Colour                                      Warhol

And I like both these last two. Yester Colour for its subtle blending of pinks and blues. With Warhol, I could have chosen any mix of two colours, but I liked the way the lime green made the statue look like uranium glass.

The possibilities are endless and, at times, confusing. I could have combined effect with effect with effect. But, like I say, I'm trying to keep things simple to start with.

What do you think?

Which effects do you prefer?

Do you use Picmonkey or another editing program?

Any tips and advice are most appreciated.

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