Photography … looking up.

21 July 2014

I have a fascination with the patterns made by trees, branches and leaves, especially in the tropics, in the rainforest and on the beach front . So, taking "looking up" photos has been going on for much longer than my "looking down" obsession. 

Palm Cove in Far North Queensland (FNQ) is one of my special places. I have a little heart twitter as I drive the road in. It is a unique spot. Crocodiles and all. The beach is fringed with coconut palms which reach for the sky in all directions and provide speckled shade for beach goers. The jetty, usually a hive of fishing activity, juts out towards Double Island and Haycock Island, "Scout Hat" to the locals. The water is pristine and sparkles in the northern sunshine. But, for me, it is the looking up patterns which make my day … Oh, and the great coffee and breakfast at Vivo.

Coconut palms and their intriguing trunks.

I like how they have twist in response to the winds or perhaps cyclone damage.

The rain-forests in FNQ provide plenty of looking up fodder too.

White trunks soaring.

Half-barked eucalyptus trunks creating texture then height.

Tree ferns with their spiky trunks and delicate leaf canopy.

Reaching up for sunlight from the forest floor.

Much further south in the valleys of the Blue Mountains rock structures loom above.

But there's also the looking up beauty made by man.

At Palm Beach, NSW (Thousands of kilometres from Palm Cove.), umbrellas create graphic patterns.

 A tee pee I made makes similar graphic patterns.

I like "looking up" shots to explore the height of buildings too.

The world of a window cleaner. Brave man … or perhaps foolhardy.

What do you think?

Interesting? Crazy? Not for you?

Do you take "looking up" photos?

What subjects do you like to"look up" at?

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