A crocheted Christmas.

21 November 2014

If you've been following me, stalking me maybe, on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, then you'll know I've been in a bit of a crocheting frenzy. Little Christmas garlands have been zooming off my hook and through the post to family and friends. 

Why little crocheted Christmas garlands? 

Why not?

They're cute and quick and easy aaannd, I think, they could have LED lights pushed through their centres to sparkle through the Christmas nights. 

It all started when I was trawling around on the internet looking for I don't know what ... as you do… well, I do ... I came across a pattern for these little lovelies. 

Crocheted pineapples. Who would have thought! 

Well, someone did and, of course, I had to make some for my pineapple-infatuated friend.

Mixed with stars and joined into a garland. A tropical Christmas.

 You can find the pattern for them here.

Then my sister came to visit and we started searching for a skull pattern. My niece, her daughter, lives in house of skull-focused males, so we thought a couple of skulls in a garland for her might be an unusual idea.

We found HEAPS, but eventually decided on this pattern

I mixed it with some stars for more of a Christmas spirit, just a couple of skulls to satisfy the boys.

Then I was home alone again and a Christmas garland for my sister came to be. A little more traditional. No skulls this time.

Stars and medallions, hearts and Christmas trees.


The patterns you can find here … star, medallion, heart, Christmas tree.

Yes, I am making one for me too, like my sister's, but maybe with a couple of skulls added in. 

It's still a work in progress.

And so is this. I fell in love with this little star, so another garland for me is happening.

The pattern for this star is here.

So, what's stopping you? 

The patterns are there ready and waiting. Dust the cob webs off your crochet hook. 

Simple, easy, quick … what more could you want?

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