Photography … what I've been snapping around here this week.

4 November 2014

Everything I read about improving photography, and I've been reading a fair bit, says just keep on shooting. Take photos of anything and everything. So that's what I'm doing. Trying to get to know my Canon a little better.

So here's a few shots from this week.

Geraldton wax on my kitchen bench. Keeping up the New Year's resolution to have flowers in the house each week. I've been good too, only missed a couple of weeks.

Such delicate blooms. I've never had any luck growing Gerladton wax, but my local Woolieworths has bunches for sale.

I like the way these two spent flowers are floating: tiny coracles in my vase.

Also around here this week are some preparations for Christmas.

Crocheting bits and bobs that will eventually be garlands to strew through my Christmas tree and some of my lucky friends. Well, I hope they think they're lucky when their secret garland arrives by snail mail soon.

I'm slowly learning more about my camera and how to control it off auto. When I look at some of the photos in my older posts, I now know how I could have made them much better. But that's part of the process. Hopefully, I'll look back at these shots in another year and recognise how I could have improved them too.

Of course, the other thing exciting to happen has been …

(Hear a fanfare of trumpets and rolling drums.)

the opening of my Etsy shop.

Self promotion, I know.

But have you had a look yet?

I'd love some constructive feedback.

And on the photos from this week too.

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