The Natural History Museum … another day out in London.

7 November 2014

If you've watched any of Sir David Attenborough's documentaries (Is there anyone with access to technology who hasn't?), then a visit to the Natural History Museum while in London is a must, not only are the exhibits mind boggling, but also the building itself is fantastical.

Purpose built in the late 1800s, this structure is an awe-inspiring sight which makes any time spent queueing a pleasure. Not that queueing was an issue, we waited maybe five minutes. 

What staggering foresight those Brits had. I know they were off exploring exotic worlds, Darwin and his fortunate friends, but to have constructed a building of this size and elegance to house their treasures amazes me.

The gargoyles reign terrifyingly above all who enter.

I loved it before we'd even entered.

And then there was this.

I was in heaven. 

No, not because of the dinosaur, although lots of little people were, and it looks like MLP was too … but for me it was that structure, the light. Stunning.

And then there were the exhibits. Gobsmacking, to say the least.

My favourite … the cats, of course. Ralphter's cousins.

Who couldn't love this face?

Or want to give this sweetie a cuddle?

But there were also guys like this.

And this.

Nature astounds me sometimes. What a bizarre creature. Was he some sort of experiment by Mother Nature?

And a Graham!

"What is a Graham?" I hear you ask.

My friends have a most beautiful taxidermied Graham on their lounge room wall. I fell in love with Graham at first sight. Couldn't resist giving him a kiss every morning and, of course, before bed.

Yes, Graham is a zebra. A big, handsome, sexy zebra.

And at the museum we ran into one of Graham's relatives.

We had the best time as we strolled, and morning tea-ed, and ooh and aahed.

Yes, the Natural History Museum is a must-see. 

Add it to your list, if it's not already on.

But there were lots of other exciting things to do on our day out in London.

Ride the tube and its seemingly endless escalators. 

Much refurbished since last time I was on them.

Window shop.

Yum. But we did resist.

Admire the window dressers' art.

Lots of little sheep to make one big sheep.

Look at those heels on the left! An engineering miracle.

And mundane things still needed to be attended to.

I need many more days out in London. I hope MLP does too.

But, the most exciting thing about the Natural History Museum and Sir David Attenborough is that my great-nieces, my nature-infatuated great-nieces, caterpillar-focused, rock-collecting great-nieces, whose bedrooms I transformed



In the flesh.

Click on this link and be in awe,

Their wonderful mother snatched them a little early from school and sweet-talked her way around security to make her girls' dream (and their father's dream) come true.

What a mother!

So, what do you think about the Natural History Museum and my nephew's security-sweet-talking-wife?

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