Photography … life this week.

25 November 2014

A few random shots from this week in my world. Plus I learnt a new trick … how to capture lightning. MLP gave me some advice. Mr Google told me more. 

Some other Christmas things happening. No, they're not cookies.

More about these on Friday.

Why I don't seem to get my magazines read these days.

Sewing, of course. Always sewing.

My burgeoning tomato crop with a few post-storm droplets.

I don't know where they came from. The tomatoes, not the droplets. 

I didn't plant them, but they're very productive.

My feet in the Pacific for the first time in a very long while. Ahhhh.

I really wanted to swim, but a nasty head cold stopped my fun.

Excitement with our sunset drinks in Newcastle. (iPhone photos)

A direct hit.

These were captured using my new trick.

MLP's advice … take a video. "The only way to capture lightning," he says.

Mr Google's contribution. How to collect these single shots from said video.

It was one heck of an electrical storm.

And now I know how people capture those amazing shots.

Easy, peasy.

What do you think? Impressed?

I certainly was.

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